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Scolab is a creative and effervescent educational technology laboratory based in the lovely multicultural city of Montreal, Canada. We are an international team of programmers, designers, educators and students, working closely together to build the future of education.

Impact on student success

We work in order to save time for the teacher to maximize its impact on students.


We know that technology can be used wisely in class.

Ease of use

learning should be stimulating and fun. Teaching too.

Connected to schools

We know there is more than one way to teach. We support each teacher in his approach.

Our main products

BuzzMath and Netmaths are K12 math problem-based websites with immediate detailed feedback. Thousands of kids and teachers use them daily to practice math skills.

Other projects & collaborations

Our team

Our team believes in the super powers of technology that enables us to develop simple, fun and easy to use web-based applications, like Buzzmath or Netmaths. We are always trying to improve the way students learn and looking for new ways to give teachers and parents new online tools. We believe in a world of online collaboration, where teachers and students from every classroom can learn and enjoy at the same time. Want to join us?


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  • Scolab Inc.
  • 2090 Rue Moreau #211, Montréal, QC H1W 2M3
  • 1 888-528-8066
  • info@scolab.com
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