B2B Sales Executive

“Setting Goals Is The First Step In Turning The Invisible Into The Visible.”

– Tony Robbins


This is an exciting time for education technologies. Increasingly, technological infrastructure is facilitating access to technological tools in class. The available  budgets are growing, as is interest from users and customers.

Being the only person responsible for promoting a product on a market as large as the United States represents a huge opportunity, but also requires some specific qualities: consistency, motivation, reliability, autonomy, and excellent management of time, resources, and work environment.

To do this, the sales representative will be accompanied by 3 customer service representatives and their manager, a very well-known math expert in the United States, and a marketing team that will be busy assessing leads in the target areas.

The objective is clear, realistic, and shared: to increase sales by $1M by 2019-2020.


  • Keep the CRM (Zoho) up to date, move leads, contacts, submissions and sales forward in our sales pipeline;
  • Pursue upselling within our existing accounts by:
    • Prospecting and closing sales in our key areas, including school boards in the trial phase, school boards where several schools are already subscribed, and schools with only one class or grade subscribed;
    • Maximizing the potential of existing accounts by ensuring activation and use, for example.
  • Create opportunities (prospection) by:
    • Prospecting and closing sales outside of our existing accounts;
    • Creating relationships with key decision-makers within the target markets.
  • Collaborating to develop the role of ambassadors in the United States and English Canada and help us benefit from the impact of the Global Math Project.


  • College diploma in administration or a related field;
  • Minimum of 5 years of relevant experience in a similar sale of services role (example: software, financial services, etc.);
  • Mixed profile of upselling and prospecting;
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience with a CRM;
  • Anglophone with a good understanding of spoken and written French;
  • Relevant experience with selling software as a service (SaaS) and/or an education technology product (an asset).


  • Results-oriented;
  • Recognized for organization skills, autonomy, and time management;
  • Ability to learn and adapt quickly based on successes and failures;
  • Positive and professional attitude;
  • Good teamwork and cooperation skills;
  • Talent for making and maintaining contacts.


We want our teams to enjoy working together, excel at what they do, and create world-class results. To that end, Scolab offers a work environment that is focused on the well-being of its employees, one-on-one monthly meetings with your manager, and professional development.


  • Unique company mission;
  • Competitive salary and employee benefits;
  • Relaxed, interactive, and motivating work setting;
  • Very supportive of teleworking and work-life balance;
  • Social club, ping pong competitions, and discussions in the coffee area.



Send your CV and cover letter to rh@scolab.com.

Type of employment

Permanent, full-time

Place of employment

Remote (from Quebec city) or at our offices located at 2090 Moreau in the Hochelaga neighbourhood in Montreal.